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I have been smoke-free for two years. I just don’t think about smoking anymore. I do not understand why more people do not use hypnosis to quit smoking and with other problems. I had been through hypnosis and acupuncture on previous attempts. My experience with you was more powerful and I had less difficulty at the beginning. The bottom line is that it worked and I strongly recommend hypnosis and you in particular to perform it.
Catherine R.
You helped me quit smoking a year ago. It worked perfectly!
Kapish M.
I met Jeff at an open house at a store in Clintonville about a year ago. I had always been very skeptical about hypnosis (my mother spent thousands to quit smoking to no avail), so I was very reluctant to be “put under” in a public place by someone I had just met. Long story short: Jeff taught me a technique to help me fall asleep and even better, to help me ignore students who try to disrupt me while I am teaching. I have told all of my friends about him, and he successfully helped one of them quit smoking in one session. I can’t recommend him highly enough!
Eva S.