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Hypnosis for Sleep

You know that you feel horrible when you don't get enough sleep. But did you know that your brain function and overall health begin to decline when you've gone too long without good sleep? It's a far bigger problem than a lot of people realize. Fortunately, you can use

Hypnosis for Sleep2018-08-14T23:43:08-04:00

Golf Hypnosis | Relax and Play Better

Golf and hypnosis are a natural combination, and many golfers are discovering that just a few sessions of "golf hypnosis" with a qualified hypnotist can result in big improvements in your game. Professional golfers will work with mental coaches, often hypnotherapists who specialize in working with athletes, to get

Golf Hypnosis | Relax and Play Better2018-08-14T00:52:09-04:00

Hypnosis for Entrepreneurs

Being your own boss is hard. Building your own business is even harder. Hypnosis can help. For some people, even the thought of the focus, discipline and time-management necessary to be successful as an entrepreneur is too much to even think about. For others, the questions are more about

Hypnosis for Entrepreneurs2018-07-19T04:04:29-04:00

No More Fear of Flying with Hypnosis

What's the worst thing about being afraid to fly? What have you missed out on because you couldn't bring yourself to get on that plane? Time with family and friends? A better job? Hypnosis has been the answer for thousands of people, and it might be the answer for you. Call 614-580-2661 today for a free assessment.

No More Fear of Flying with Hypnosis2018-07-19T04:04:30-04:00

Corporate Wellness and Hypnosis

Hypnosis provides your employees with a fast, effective method for quitting smoking, losing weight, and managing stress.

Corporate Wellness and Hypnosis2018-07-19T04:04:30-04:00

What’s it Like to Be Hypnotized?

Most people's knowledge about hypnosis comes from TV and the movies. The truth is very different and a lot more interesting.

What’s it Like to Be Hypnotized?2018-07-19T04:04:30-04:00